Our Mission:

To secure financial relief for the distressed and underprivileged social security beneficiaries, encourage & render financial education to help combat community deterioration and financially aid non profits in their efforts.

Vision Statement:

At Apopka Representative Payee Services our vision is to continually strive to provide professional, prompt beneficiary management with unconquerable customer service to both the client and facility.

Letter from our CEO of Operations:

My career began with an insurance company where I had the pleasure to do sales, marketing, and banking. While working there for 5 years I gained a love for helping people succeed financially. I then moved to a sole financial institution where I upheld a business banker role. I was able to add value to local business owners with their cash flow management issues. Now with almost 10 years of serving my community in the financial service industry. I’ve come across a dire need in the representative payee area after witnessing the exploitation in my own family. When a family member who was suffering from a mental illness had their funds mismanaged and abuse, I understood then that this was not only a personal problem but a problem that was affecting the entire community. I choose to create this non-profit organization to help mentally and/or physically disabled individuals with financial peace of mind.




Glenn Lubin,

CEO Apopka Representative Payee Services

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